Saturday, 18 September 2010

As promised, this is Patty's sketch of the cricket pavillion, from thursdays trip to the common.
She allowed me to scan it in and publish it here!
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 the library boxes are opened on a friday morning ; supplied by  Kent County Councils central library 'open access' service, they are changed every 3 months & we are able to choose the mix of books, cd's and dvd's  large print fiction,art and a selection of 'talking books'  This line drawing by Patty is of one of her favourite places to sit - The Library

meanwhile, dance class was being held in the dining room! 
After lunch, Christiane arrived to set up the Bingo session in the music room, followed by a general knowledge quiz. Eric topped up the bird feeders and Marie went  for a walk on the common.

Nikita and Sharon are busy organizing the sponsored walk on 2nd october; it will involve as many residents as we can persuade to take part -  details will be appearing soon in the foyer.  

Thursday, 16 September 2010

sketching on the common

dymphna, phyll, patty, lucille and marie joined me and (volunteer) victoria on a trip to tunbridge wells common just across the road to meh. it was a beautiful afternoon and while marie and victoria went off for a walk, the others got out their sketch books and new sketching pencils to produce some masterpieces;  photos will be put on the blog later.

the pope arrived today in scotland, so the tv went on at 11am this morning so  residents could watch the pomp and ceremony.

robert came down to the music room to play his piece on the piano  and I introduced barbara to some new watercolour pens.  Dorothy's daughter visited and helped her open latest email from her grandson & send a reply.
hairdressing day - and the salon was buzzing with the latest gossip! later I went to collect a book from the library for Dympha, and Pat came along for the ride. There was an art exhibition on - nice prints but a bit pricey we thought!
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Monday, 13 September 2010

roberts birthday today

happy birthday robert - ** today!
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Roberts' sister Hester comes to wish him a happy birthday


jemma and daughter milly brought in a little puppy they are looking after for a friend at the moment to show the residents. lucille, john, madge and marjorie all enjoyed meeting him and giving him a cuddle!

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our girl friday

dorothy wanted a job to do today - preferably paperwork she said - so we asked her to collate some papers for the sponsored walk being arranged for october; she requested payment in chocolate and we were happy to oblige.
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monday morning

monday morning discussion group chaired by elizabeth and joan our trusty volunteers. from poetry reading, story telling and debating current topics - its always a lively session.
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