Saturday, 5 February 2011

friday 4th feb

more flowers today from sainsbury's - Jean kept me company while I put them all in vases, as the residents prefered either to play bingo with christianne, or watch a film in the lounge this afternoon - we had a 'new' film today (just found it still in its wrapper on the shelf) called 'the other boleyn girl' and everyone seemed to enjoy it...
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Thursday, 3 February 2011

time for a walk

after the chinese lunch, we had a quiz (about china!) in the lounge - then we worked out who was born under which sign - we had a few monkeys amongst the residents as well as a couple of horses, some Ox, and a dog!

then a film show - 'The King and I' - not quite china but close (thailand i think) and that seemed to please most of the residents. the others were offered the option of making chinese lanterns or going for a walk on the common.

luckily, Julie one of our volunteers, had come to assist today, so we were able to take Marie, lucille and patty for a lovely walk on twells common. it was a beautiful afternoon, cold but sunny and the residents were so pleased to have an opportunity to get some fresh air in their lungs after so many horrible days indoors. Phyll opted to just walk around the garden.

we met some lovely dog walkers en route and fell in love with a dear little spaniel called tilly who was a rescue dog and her companion dot, the daschund!
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Year of the Rabbit

Gordon and Peggy posed (willingly would you believe!) for this photo, with the Rabbit which had pride of place in the dining room today, to celebrate the new chinese year, The Year of the Rabbit.
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chinese new year

sheila decorated the dining room - she had a chinese parasol, chopstick flower displays and a chinese calender. she designed a special chinese themed luncheon, and afterwards this table (helen p, marie, patty, phyll and peggy) posed for photos with their chopsticks!!

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Madge - all chilled out!

Madge found a good spot on wednesday, to chill. she looked so comfortable that we decided not to disturb her; hope she appreciates the photo!
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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A very classical afternoon

Here are the wonderful Lesley and Ray - volunteers who have been entertaining residents of MEH for a number of years. They compile a programme of classical music and in between each piece of music, they tell the story. The lounge is always packed to the rafters when Lesley and Ray 'perform' - they are such a special couple and much appreciated by their audience.

today I asked them to pose in amongst some of the residents, here is grace,then lesley with hilda behind, then ray, sylvia, dorothy and a little bit of lucille.
the second photo shows helen p in the stalls, then susan and diana, patti in the front next to jean and robert.
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checking the time zones

Lucille enquired about the time difference between new york and london so I showed her how to find out using our 'simply unite' computer system. she was then able to go and make a call to her daughter, without fear of waking her up!
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scrabble champion!

monday 31st - last day of january at last; its been a long cold month.

this morning, the residents were entertained by elizabeth and joan in the library - with stories, quizzes and poetry, always a good way to start the week.

in the afternoon, Sue came to deliver the 'variety hour' which is very popular, and the lounge was full.

meanwhile, margaret, dorothy b and margaret b had a game of scrabble (assisted by hollie our new carer) and margaret (pictured here, smiling broadly!) won the game with the most points.
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the party for helen

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