Friday, 18 March 2011

the masterpiece!!

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busy afternoon

christianne called the bingo today, eric and helen came along a bit later to join in with susan, pat, doreen, phyll, gordon, helen p,marie, sylvia and iris.

meanwhile, ursula, patti and lucille joined me in the foyer to sort out the pens and pencils and then with supplies organized, we attempted some therapeutic colouring in!

madge had a visit from the priest, and peggy's family visited for the now regular legendary g&t in the library!

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

st patrick's day

residents and staff celebrated st patrick's day today, with an irish themed lunch, decorations and hats!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

spring has arrived today

doors to the patio open for the first time this year - lovely day and the daffodil bulbs are so pretty.
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a beautiful day

madge was the star of the keep fit class today and marie and iris were indispensable in the flower department.

Tosca was on in the lounge (gordon's favourite opera apparently) and patty came to create another masterpiece in 4b pencil. will scan it in and maybe use it in the next newsletter.

the builders have arrived together with office and portaloo in the grounds so no parking possible at MEH for the next few weeks, but there is plenty of free parking around.
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monday march 14th - sitll life

left patty happily drawing in the library yesterday after a busy day, giving piano lessons to karen, listening to poetry with elizabeth and joan (in monday group) and Variety hour in the lounge with sue joining in with the quiz!

it was a lovely day for walking in the grounds, receiving visitors and enjoying ham egg and chips for lunch.

John had a local history tutorial at tunbridge wells library - a volunteer who is an expert on tracing local history on the computer spent an hour helping john with his research.

This is patty's still life picture from last week - looking forward to seeing her new picture!
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Sunday, 13 March 2011

volunteers needed!!

 Christianne, a volunteer who was recommended to MEH by another of our long term volunteers Lesley Orsen.  has now been coming to 'do the bingo' for a year now and is very popular with the residents.

If any relatives out there can spare a couple of hours (a week, a month or just now and again) please get in touch and share your skills, interests or passions with the lovely residents of meh! Alternatively, you may know of someone is perhaps retired and could spare some time to help; music, art, local history, crafts - or just a chat over tea and biscuits!!
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full house!

christianne our lovely volunteer arrived friday to call the numbers - the residents look forward to her visit as she always make sure everyone wins a prize!! after bingo she hosts a quiz and then a few residents stay to chat and help her with the clearing up...
today's group included helen p, helen d, grace, susan, madge, marie, phyll, doreen, gordon and robert (who had some help from a little visitor!)

sheila and dorothy went for a walk in the grounds, and pat helped with the flowers, and ursula got the pastels out; tried to get patti to join us but she wanted a cat nap instead...
Peggy J had some visitors and enjoyed a g&t in the library!!

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friday flowers

Pat helped with the flowers on friday after we collected them from sainsburys.

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