Friday, 25 March 2011

end of another week

finished today with bingo - eric, gordon, sylvia, helen p, doreen, phyll, marian, marie, susan all won prizes !! Win & peggy had visitors and patti was busy designing an easter card for a national competition mount ephraim is entering.

we had  flowers from sainsbury's and pat helped to arrange some vases to put around the home, taking care not to smudge her newly painted nails after Priscilla (the manicurist) had just done them! lucille, margaret, ursula and iris and diana also enjoyed a spot of pampering... lovely sunset this evening - afraid this photo doesn't really do it justice.
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what a beautiful day

it was such a warm sunny morning that we managed to get quite a few residents to venture outside for a walk and a breath of fresh air - pat, lucille, helen c, sylvia, sheila, robert, margaret m and patti, phyll and dorothy f - all enjoyed the sun. madge came out later, just before lunch, and asked me to take her photo - doesn't she look lovely?

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Thursday, 24 March 2011

still life sketching, computer class & musical entertainment - a day in the life of meh

while patty and phyll enjoyed sketching in the sunny library, susan and sheila were learning how to send emails with tutor Val.

meanwhile in the lounge Jon McDevitt was entertaining residents with his guitar and singing popular songs, and the hairdresser was finishing off in the salon.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

a special treat

Patricia Jacobs came to play the piano for some of our residents today, and guest of honour was Robert - a dear friend of Patricia's, who is also a passionate piano player and loves his classical music. she played for over an hour to a very appreciate audience and only stopped when the tea trolley came around with a welcome cuppa and homemade cakes!
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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesday morning starts with SONAS session in the dining room...

'Sonas aPc was devised by Sister Mary Threadgold, a speech and language therapist in Dublin.
Sonas is Gaelic for 'well-being' and aPc represents 'activating potential for communication'. The
multisensory packaged programme on audio tape uses music, singing, touch, smell and taste to
promote interaction and a sense of well-being amongst participants.'

This was followed by the weekly 'keep fit' class run by Sue who is specially trained in this area.  She reported

"A cheerful, enthusiastic group !"

Shostakovich - Ballet Suite No. 3 - Part 6/6

tuesday afternoon, and residents were treated to an afternoon of classical music, presented by ray and lesley orsen.  they finished with a piece by shostakovich so ive added a clip from you tube (it may not be the exact piece lesley played, but will be a reminder of the day!)  A  big thankyou to lesley and ray for sharing their passion for music with everyone at meh.               

Monday, 21 March 2011

Reminisence Today at meh!

Today's topic was "Age", and we brainstormed the qualities of youth and then explored which
of these qualities they have! This triggered many memories and we took the opportunity to
explore the positive aspects of getting older. The debate was particularly lively, with many
people sharing their opinions, including Doreen, gordon, marie, helen d, helen c and helen p, lucille, phyll, peggy and pat...The residents also tried out sample
dining/lounge chairs and appreciated that their opinions were sought by Karen.
by Sue Betts
21 March 2011