Friday, 22 April 2011

easter bingo

marian and marie taking a well earned tea break during today's easter bingo session!
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lunch al fresco

as the weather continues to be so lovely, the staff arranged lunch outside today under the canopies on the lawn - most of the residents chose to enjoy their fish and chips in the garden although some preferred the cool dining room!

after lunch, Rev Bob Street arrived to hold a short good friday service for several residents and then it was eyes down for the bingo in the games room - christiane had chosen an easter theme where the prizes were all made of chocolate!!

we were given flowers again today from sainsburys which we used to decorate the home and put up some easter decorations too.

happy easter to everyone.
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Thursday, 21 April 2011

and then a lovely cup of tea...

after the walk in the woods, a nice cup of tea in the nevill crest & gun!
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our afternoon at eridge rocks

here are our intrepid residents marching through   eridge woods - we went to see the bluebells before heading off to the pub!

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outside fun!

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star of the show!

here is the winning entry - Patty's amazing hand drawn and painted in watercolour easter card! she was presented with her prizes (lindt easter egg, book token and a cheque for £100 which will go to a local charity) by a representative (kelly) of kent social services.

we are very proud of her.
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computer lesson

patty enjoyed her computer lesson today - she discovered google earth with the help of val her tutor. after patty, it was iris's turn, then marie, sheila and lucille.
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Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter Thank you for your continued support and hard work

From Karen

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

lovely day to be outside!

after keep fit, which Robert enjoyed enormously, carer Jo took him for a walk in the grounds - they were soon joined by Win.

over in the walled garden, phyll, pat and marie were enjoying a gentle swing in the shade before lunch.

helen, lucille and sheila plus marjorie and her visitor were happy to be taking the air on this glorious april day.

film crew from Aged Care Channel were about - phyll even had a 'speaking part' today...

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Monday, 18 April 2011

monday 18th

  • filming started again today for the 'Aged Care Channel'- more stars in the making as Ken had a go... 
  •  elizabeth and joan's poetry corner this morning - good turnout
  • salmon for lunch
  • reminisence with sue
  • visitors for residents 
  • excellent news that Patty has won an easter card design competition - pictures and prizes tomorrow!!
  • vegetables have been planted over the weekend
  •  garden looking good and
  • workmen still doing the windows
didnt have time to take photo's today...lots of paperwork but help with the filing from marice and patty!

thankyou to everyone who helped with the spring fayre - final total raised was £169.00!!!