Thursday, 27 October 2011

jon mcdevitt entertains...

with his two guitars on a thursday afternoon. he had almost a full house today - his mixture of music, anecdotes and singing is popular with residents ...'last train to san fernando...anyone?

iris at the computer

jane from compaid comes to teach residents how to use a computer - iris is a regular 'pupil' and always finds something interesting to research - today she used google maps and iplayer..
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morning coffee at the Pantiles..

eric, marie and helen p went by taxi to 'woods' in the pantiles for morning coffee and a change of scenery...well, we had coffee but eric enjoyed a swift half of lager!

nice nails!

pat shows off her newly manicured nails, courtesy of michelle, this morning...

slaves to their art..

whatever the weather, patty and phyll are happy in the studio creating masterpieces "absolute bliss" is how patty describes life at meh..Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

marjorie with her new hairdo

hilda's new style

really pleased with her new style today...
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look what we've made!

here are the results of the hard work of our residents attending art and craft session today - lucille, patty, marian, marie, iris, had a great time and were amazed at how their decorations turned out...

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enters into the spirit of things and decides to model the christmas wreath...
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art and craft tuesday

julie came today to help residents create some amazing christmas wreath decorations, in time for our autumn fayre in november.
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keep fit...

everyone enjoyed a coffee break before keep fit with sue today... another good turnout...
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Monday, 24 October 2011

4 generations...

a proud great grandmother, Dorothy F with new baby Max, her daughter and grandaughter - a special moment for the family when they came to visit dorothy today...
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flower arranging at meh

we were given lots of flowers by sainsburys today and luckily joan and jean were on hand to help with arranging them into various vases..
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