Tuesday, 31 January 2012

welcome back Olivia

after her wedding on 21st january and honeymoon in Rome, Olivia is back at work! we hope to see some photo's soon...

new computer terminal...

....has today been installed in the library, so that residents who want a bit of privacy can use the computer without interuption. This is an updated version of 'simply unite' and has a super size keyboard and roller ball mouse which will make it easier to use.

Monday, 30 January 2012

a touch of spring

scenes from the garden today.

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book club with ann fail

 book group in full swing in the lounge this afternoon - pat, eric, olive, margaret, iris, susan, patty, marie, lucille, helen p, and joyce......but no books!! think they all had a nice chat though before tea and homemade cakes provided by joan's family.

happy birthday Joan (charlotte)

Joan (charlotte) blowing out her candles today at a special tea party - her family brought in a selection of delicous home-made cakes and everyone was able to share in the celebrations. happy birthday joan (21 again!)
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happy birthday Helen

29th january 2012 Helen celebrates her birthday with a lovely cake and a chorus of happy birthday from her friends at MEH.
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