Saturday, 26 May 2012

day trip to hastings 25th may

...started at the new Jerwood Gallery in Hastings old town with coffee on the terrace, then lunch at a seafront cafe.  

Mary and Doreen went for a look around the old town with Laura, while Hester and Lucille were interested in the various exhibitions back at the gallery...Ken, Susan, Jean, and Joan were happy to walk in the sunshine and then meet back at the gallery to watch a short film on the artist Rose Wylie

Thursday, 24 May 2012

keeping busy at meh

tuesday afternoon, after keep fit and lunch, some of our more artistic residents gathered in the games room for an art and craft session with julie - we didnt know what to expect until she arrived - with pretty tiles, broken china and some tile adhesive.  Mosaic was a new art experience to everyone and after a bit of encouragement everyone managed to produce a masterpiece.  these need drying out, then grouting and cleaning and then will be ready for display.

today the hairdresser comes and there is always a waiting list for charity to perform her magic.  Jon McDevit came to play his yukalele and marie, joyce and mary went for a walk later.  Christine prefers to sit in the foyer where there was a nice breeze, and enjoy some fresh air.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

walk in the sunshine...

lovely afternoon for a walk on the common, with mary, joyce and marie - we were later joined by Lucille

ice cream flavour competition...

we decided to enter the NACC 'design your own ice cream flavour' competition sponsored by Premier Foods and thought that a bit of 'market research' needed to be done first!   the entry criteria is 'if you could design your own ice cream what flavour would it be?'  - we have some amusing suggestions and the best ones will be submitted today.  we will let you know if our combination is chosen!!

judging by the photos above, marie, helen, pat and win were enjoying theirs; not too sure about joan and ken!!

celebrating birthdays in May

marise, phyl and win celebrating their birthdays at mount ephraim ...