Friday, 29 June 2012

Wendy visited with her two Border Terriers Milo and Mia we all love seeing them

Monday, 25 June 2012

The Big Care Home Conversation - coffee morning

"The Big Care Home Conversaton, led by 'my Home life'  offers a unique opportunity to be part of a bold and exciting public awareness project.  From mid May to mid June, care homes across the UK will be opening up a dialogue between residents, relatives, staff and the public about:"

"what makes life good in care homes now, what could
 make them better - and how might we get there?"

today we held a coffee morning, with delicous home made cakes, to talk about what makes a good care home environment and what can be improved.  we had input from residents, volunteers, staff and guest from nearby chartwell lodge and ideas were noted down on the cards (or leaves as they are known) provided by 'My Home Life' - these will be sent to My Home Life HQ at the end of July and will then be analysed with everyones comments from across the Uk. This information will help create a book for the public on best practice in Care homes.  The 'leaves' will be put in a wheelbarrow and delivered to Downing Street, with a message about working in better partnership with Care Homes - we need the Government to start Listening.

if you want to join in, please pick up a 'leaf' from our foyer and fill in your comments - by capturing the views expressed 'My Home Life' can tell the world what people want from care homes...!

Our coffee morning conversation today was a great success - here are some of the pictures...