Thursday, 13 September 2012

hello win!

just updating the blog today - win agreed to pose for us....

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

afternoon stroll along mount ephraim!

after a hectic and enjoyable afternoon with Heather and her 'Music for Health' class, several residents decided to get some fresh air - Marian and Marie went for a walk on the common, some prefered to sit in the garden, but Iris, Mary and I opted to walk along Mount Ephraim and stop for a chat on a bench...

getting ready for the exhibition

following on from the David Hockney Exhibition earlier this year which we were unable to take our residents to - we are planning our own art show featuring his work at MEH. made a start today - hopefully we will be ready in time for the autumn/christmas fayre in november.

fashion show

vicky and her team from Bon Marche in Tonbridge came along to show the store's latest collection - modelled by the team and our own residents! on offer were dresses, skirts and jumpers etc, plus nightwear and slippers - in fact something for everyone.

keep fit with a difference!

sue devised some games for residents today during keep fit - add variety and fun to the weekly class. judging by the happy faces i think it was a great success!