Thursday, 16 May 2013

peggy 'picasso'

lovely afternoon, chance to put up our new parasol!  tried to encourage the residents to join us on the patio for some sun and fresh air... but while some were happy to watch a film in the lounge, peggy, lucille, eileen and patty were the only ones brave enough to come outside! we were joined by some of the staff, had tea and chocolate biscuits and  peggy  surprised herself by trying some 'modern' art - we framed one piece and started a collage from her original canvas- a work in progress! 

the sun is going down now and peggy has gone along to the salon to have her hair done! lucille offered to wash up the tea cups and patty has gone to watch 'pointless'

end of a perfect day

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

tuesday treats

after a busy morning of 'keeping fit' with sue,
lilo sits down with jean to share some time colouring - a very therapeutic exercise - patty certainly thinks so!

eileen starts on a new puzzle - 500 pieces but my goodness its a challenge!
ann had some dear friends visit....


the ladies in the lounge enjoyed a relaxing afternoon!

Monday, 13 May 2013

happy birthday Peggy & Marise

may 13th - two birthday girls... Peggy who celebrated at MEH today and Marise who has gone to Eastbourne for the week with relatives and missed out on her cake!

these gorgeous flowers arrived for Marise today; we will have to keep them in water and look after them until she returns from holiday!  maybe her hosts will check the blog!