Saturday, 1 June 2013

fun in the sun

these photos were taken yesterday, when we had a heatwave and some of our more adventurous residents came outside!  jean and helen, chatting together on the bench, vera striking a pose (whilst knitting) eileen concentrating on her knitting and mary enjoying a snuzzle with thomas the PAT dog, brought in each week by volunteer Pam.

after lunch, mary enjoyed a game of scrabble with christine.
friday bingo, and marise very much into her art!
anne and her daughter enjoying the sunshine..

knit and natter...

new group started yesterday- inspired by marie (she couldnt join us today) to get the 'knitters' together.  we are making squares to sew into blankets to sell at the summer garden party.  new lady vera pictured here with eileen, mary and her friend who was visiting today.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

              Happy birthday Karen!

We welcome Karen back and wish her a very happy birthday.
Residents and staff sang happy birthday to Karen and enjoyed a lovely  birthday cake made by Daniel together.