Friday, 21 June 2013

radio interview today

if you click on the link,move bar along to 2.14 you will reach the start of the interview with Karen and residents (hester, Eileen, patty, mary p and marise) in the library today.

Our youngest visitor

It's our OPEN DAY And so far this is our youngest visitor -his name is Jude and here he is with Heidi our Administrator - enjoying some fresh air

Look who came to visit...

nikita with her beautiful baby Evie, came to visit for a bit today- the residents' always love to see the children ....

Thursday, 20 June 2013

A trip to the llama's at Ashdown Forest


In memory of Margaret ...

Carolyn (one of our volunteers) came today with some beautiful flowers, that were donated at her mother's funeral on Tuesday.  Carolyn, with some help from Eileen created lovely table arrangements for the home, in memory of Margaret who was an avid supporter of MEH and used to arrange sunday luncheon parties here in the games room, for her friends from chartwell lodge.  she will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

making music


 sing a long in the lounge, Sheila and Di provided the backing from Max Bygraves and the residents provided the percussion and the singing!


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Pottery painting

mary and Sheila came to the pottery painting barn whilst the others were fishing, Sheila was happy to wander around and look at all the brilliant pottery on display, but mary was keen to paint something - we chose a heart that when fired, can be hung in her window.

the finished result, all ready for firing - we will collect it sometime next week.

and this is my effort, half finished, that I started with Sheila!!

 we had tea and scones out on the riverside cafĂ© tea room, and encountered a duck nesting in one of the flower tubs on the patio!

Wild flower collection

mary p is more interested in wild flowers than fishing, so we took these photos along the way back to the pottery painting barn...she is going to look up the names later to confirm what she already thinks they are.

fishing at hawkhurst...

fabulous trip out today, to the fish farm at Hawkhurst fish farm in kent.  we hired rods from the marshall and he set up each with bait and then we waited............and waited.........................and waited....................but alas no-one had a bite! sorry chef, no trout for tea tonight.

mary, Sheila, peggy, mary f and marise lined up for instructions, but mary p soon decided that she would rather look for wild flowers!



Sheila wasn't too impressed either, so I took them along to the pottery painting barn.............

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A trip out ... In our own garden

today, for a change, we decided to go for a trip to the Summerhouse!  this structure has been in the garden for ever, but it transpired that some of the residents had never been in it!  our first group booking of the day was mary p, mary f, marie, jean, followed later by marise and lucille

we then took marie and mary f around to the 'folly' at the back of the garden, which has a 'look-out' onto the main road- a place to watch the world go by (must get a seat in there) and reflect!


mary and I walked around from the outside to see di and marie and (ellie, hiding) to take this photo.

Lucille and jean having a natter, wonder when coffee will arrive??
marie says she would prefer to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.