Friday, 28 June 2013

friday wimbledon etc...

after a busy morning, knitting (nattering) patting (Thomas the PAT dog) drinking coffee and playing scrabble, its been a quiet afternoon - many residents watching Wimbledon tennis on their own TV's.  the die-hards turned up for bingo though, much to Christiane's delight, and mary p and mary f plus Christine played scrabble again, while peggy was in the mood for some modern art...

olive and denis and Eileen have just joined the table for the Friday quiz....

Start of our MEH bunting challenge

Here is Marie holding up her first completed triangle for our latest project - we are making some knitted bunting for the foyer at MEH - made during knit and natter today!

Michelle brought in her new puppy.

We welcome Ruby

Ruby found it quite an adventure meeting residents and staff  

Thursday, 27 June 2013

jon has to compete with wimbledon!

Jon Mcdevitt came to entertain the residents today - he has a regular monthly slot but he had to compete with Wimbledon coverage today! we compromised by leaving the picture on but turned the sound down!! jon is very popular and makes the residents laugh with his anecdotes and they enjoy his singing too!!

Marie curie tea party

we hold a blooming great party each year in june and today was the day!  it was a lovely sunny afternoon, and following live entertainment in the lounge by Jon Mcdevit and his guitar, we were  joined by ann, peggy, mary f and mary p, olive, marie, joyce, and later by phyl and patty...  on the patio for tea, cakes, a prize draw and a general knowledge quiz.


Time to plant the sinks

Patty and Peggy amongst others were cajoled into a spot of gardening today using the plants we bought on Tuesday. Think you will agree they have done a fantastic job - Karen came along to inspect later!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

visit to the local garden centre......... choose plants for the 'butler sinks' Julian filled with compost for us to grow some flowers.
we had fun looking and had some help from the assistants....we filled the trolley and then had some tea and cake in the café, courtesy of Julian (thankyou very much x)

someone has a busy day tomorrow planting...! unfortunately, its my day off!!

We are going on a treasure hunt!ll

the start of the trail... di and mary escort marise and ann to find the next clue

phyl, looking for the next clue, with marise not far behind
peggy suddenly becomes camera shy!

Marjorie with Hilary .....

ann was presented with a flower for her hair, from the garden....

Eileen and Helen take a break.................



a rush to find the treasure after the last clue (on the library door) tells us it is to be found on the patio somewhere...
Sheila and Di are presented with gold cups for all their hard work in arranging this treasure hunt!

ann picks her treasure!

and mary looks pleased with herself as she relaxes with her orange juice!