Friday, 13 December 2013

celebrations all round

the MEH Christmas party for residents, their family and friends, was a wonderful affair last night; gorgeous food, plenty to drink and entertainment provided by the rotary club choir. thankyou to everyone who attended and special thanks to the chef's Amanda and Daniel, and our bar tenders, Jenny and Roy!
Dorothy celebrated her 100th birthday today - in the morning her family arrived and we had arranged a visit from the Shetland ponies at PATME
in the afternoon, there was a tea party, a lovely cake and later a champagne toast.
of course, Dorothy received her special card from the Queen "luckily she has a nice face.." said Dorothy; I think she was quite chuffed with it..

the residents were very happy to meet the ponies....sparkey and Delilah....from who have visited before, but we thought would be a lovely surprise for Dorothy's birthday as she loved them so much on the first visit.  in the photo above, we have Eileen, phyl, joyce, hester, Helen p, mary p, mary f and olive...taking their turn for a stroke.  the ponies are so placid and gentle and happy to be loved.  they ended up staying for nearly and hour and managed to get around and visit most of the residents.  we are happy to announce that they will be at next year's Garden Party in July.