Thursday, 19 December 2013

welcoming to MEH....the christmas babies!

MEH held the first ever 'nursery' today....courtesy of a local group of ladies who met through NCT classes earlier this year.  all the babies are around 6months old  and today they met in the library and posed for this Christmas picture in their lovely festive outfits!  the mum's enjoyed a chat over tea and cake while the babies played happily with their toys. 

 residents Lucille, marie, eileen and Joan W popped in to say hello -  and Mary P came and sat in the library for a while and enjoyed meeting all the baby boys. meanwhile, mary f and peggy stayed in the games room; nothing can keep them from their artwork - but they did pose with Jack and his mum!

it was a great success so we are planning on this being a regular event and hopefully, more of the residents will get involved!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Residents and staff participated in a jolly Christmas sing along this morning which was organised by Sheila and Di, fun was had by all involved.