Thursday, 23 January 2014


Hairdressing day always busy - a queue for the best slot at the salon so as not to miss anything going on today! Doug wake came to entertain ; always popular - he had the room buzzing with everyone joining in the old favourites - even a bit of 'chair' dancing going on!
When I arrived this morning Peggy, and Mary were already hard at work in the games room with their art work - Margaret and lucille joined us and we got out the paints - with elvis providing backing!

The NCT group met in the library's - 5 scrummy babies played happily with their toys while the mums relaxed with a cup of tea. I took Jude along to see Hester and iris - and he obliged by laughing and smiling on cue - made their day! Marie wanted to nip into town for 'a few bits'

Everyone gone to supper now so time to clear away and go home...

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Walking in the garden on a beautiful winter's day, with martina, Peggy, lucille and Eileen - we spotted the first spring flowers peeping out of the earth... Rita came along to chat with olive and iris and a few other residents in the lounge over coffee ...
After lunch, Lorraine our new manicurist set up in the salon, Eileen went shopping for a new lamp and new volunteer jenny arrived for a craft session; she showed us how to make knitted hearts. Meanwhile heather had a lounge full for 'music for health. ' Later, Mary claimed the volunteers from TWGS for herself for a lively game of scrabble!

Had to take some photos in the beautiful lighting shop for Eileen ....spoilt for choice!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

We now have a karaoke player and had two wonderful singing sessions over the weekend
Marise sang an Irish song which she knew of by heart.
Peggy sang also along with Gloria, Margaret and Doreen.
Staff also joined in, great fun was had by all.
We plan to have many more Karaoke sessions..........................

         Tiny Babies

We were visited on Friday by Gary with his litter of adorable labrador puppies ..........

Monday, 20 January 2014

Indoor ten pin bowling....

Leanne set up the skittles in the lounge and quite a few people were game enough to have a go....after she had worn everyone out, we had another team quiz complete with limerick and sonnet recitals!