Friday, 8 May 2015

VE Day

So we have decided to celebrate by doing a puzzle ... Lovely picture.  Hope everyone joins in so we get it finished by today!

The twelve windows at tudeley

At the special request of Hester we arranged a trip to see the beautiful stained glass windows at All Saints Church, Tudeley, designed by Marc Chagall ... We were so lucky to have sunshine which showed off his stunning work to perfection.  

Afterwards it was tea and cake at the Hop Farm before joining the traffic queues trying to get back into tunbridge wells

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Film night...

The showing of 42nd street on Friday proved a hit for residents who really enjoyed the singing and dancing!  They also enjoyed the popcorn (katarina even provided lovely popcorn boxes to eat it from) some more than others!!!

Here's Anne enjoying her popcorn one minute....
and the next ... It was on the floor, much to Eileen's amusement... But she did help pick it up!